New Years Thoughts

New year is a hard time for me as each new year for me is another year further away from Roma . This I have found is the same for the other parents I've been blessed to meet since this project began . Our children are our future we live our hopes and dreams through them so when you loose a child you loose that hope and the future is filled with a longing to be with your child again wishing months and years away . This year though we have hope we have something to strive for a dream ! We can again do something for our lost child by building this beautiful garden . The garden means our child can be remembered by everyone who reads their star . So this year I am looking forward and as one mum who recently lost her child told me " I have a reason to keep going now as I want to see the garden built " x

Angel of Hope Teddy Bear.png

Xmas Tears

Today I make my annual trip to the monastery to get Roma a Xmas present !! It breaks my heart like most of you on this page will understand !! I should be going to Smyths Toyshop instead not decorating a little grave for Xmas . My heart goes out to all of you who share this pain . As I sit here in tears I know there's so many of us struggling through Xmas and putting on a brave face so as not to ruin it for everyone else xxxxx

Roma school pic.jpg