Baby Planter Engraving


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How much do engravings cost?

Engravings cost £4 per character and can be paid for via debit or credit card. Should you wish to pay via bank transfer, please contact us.

What can be engraved?

You can engrave the name of your child, which can include Christian name/s and surname, along with a date of your choosing – most people choose the date of passing.

Who can have an engraving?

The baby planter is dedicated specifically to babies who passed in utero, or was born sleeping.  When we were originally granted the lease for the land to build the garden from the council, it was done so on the basis that we were creating something different to a memorial planned for build by the charity SANDS in Portstewart. Andrea showed that there was a need for a memorial space for those children who were not stillborn or neonatal deaths. We memorialise these children on stars hung on our circular wall.  Unfortunately SANDS never did build the memorial they had planned and it was at this point that we decided we would step in and ensure babies born sleeping or in utero would have a memorial space dedicated to them in our garden.  The baby planter was officially opened on December 2017.

Engravings require the consent of at least one parent or guardian.

Can I choose where my engraving will be placed on the baby planter?

Purchased engravings will be placed on available spaces on the walls of the planter in order of completion. Should you purchase engravings for more than one child from the same family at the same time, we will ensure that these are placed together.

How long will it take for my engraving to be complete?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a definitive timeframe as we use a third party for engravings. Typically engravings will be done within 4 weeks and we will contact you once this is done. Should you not hear from us within 4 weeks from your order date, please contact us with your order details and we will provide you with an update.

Maintenance of Memorials

Who is responsible for the maintenance of stars, engravings and benches?

Owners are responsible for keeping all memorials clean and weather-proofed as far as possible.

Bench owners should ensure that they are varnished with a weather-proof stain or protectant as needed – we would suggest an annual application for best results. Stainless steel cleaner can be used on plaques to keep them looking clean and new.

Star owners should regularly use a stainless steel cleaner to maintain the look of the star and to help protect from the weather.  Baby oil can also be useful in keeping them looking shiny.

If you have bought an engraving on the baby planter, we find that soapy water and a toothbrush work very well to keep the lettering clean.

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