Memorial Star


  • Christian names only



How much does a star cost?

Stars cost £100 and can be paid for via debit or credit card. Should you wish to pay via bank transfer, please contact us.

What can be written on a star?

Stars can contain Christian names only and age in days, months, or years. Unfortunately, we cannot add any additional detail to stars in order that we have a standardised format for all.

Who can have a star?

Stars can be purchased for anyone of any age survived by at least one parent or guardian who have given their consent for the star to be added to the memorial wall. We have a special engraving area dedicated to babies who were born sleeping or who died in utero. You can find out more about these memorials here

Can I choose where my star is placed on the memorial wall?

Purchased stars will be placed on available spaces on the wall in order of completion. Should you purchase stars for more than one child from the same family at the same time, we will ensure that these are placed together.

I don’t have a credit/ debit card, how can I pay for my star?

Should you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact us

How should I clean my star?

Star owners are responsible for the maintenance of their stars in order to both keep them clean and to protect from weather damage. A soft cloth and a little baby oil can help keep stars shiny. Alternatively, stainless steel cleaner is very effective.

How long will it take for my star to be made and placed on the wall?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a definitive timeframe as we use a third party to make the stars. Typically stars will be mounted within 4 weeks and we will contact you once your star has been hung on the circular wall. Should you not hear from us within 4 weeks from your order date, please contact us with your order details and we will provide you with an update.

Can I remove my star?

Should you wish to remove your star from the wall, please contact us and we will arrange this for you and agree on collection date and time.

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